Naturkraft was established in August 1994 and is owned in equal parts by Statoil and Statkraft. Our mission is to refine norwegian gas to electricity. The company owns and operates Norway’s first commercial gas power plant in Kårstø. The plant was officially opened on the first of November 2007.

Naturkraft is located inside the Kårstø processing plant owned by Gassled and operated by Gassco. Statoil is the technical service provider for the gas processing plant.


Naturkraft is owned by Statkraft and Statoil, each owning a 50% share.

Statoil is an integrated oil, gas and energy company, and the leading operator on the norwegian continental shelf. The company has a total of 31 000 employees and was established October first, 2007 after the fusion between Statoil and Hydro’s oil and gas activities. Statoil produces 1,7 million barrels of oil equivalents each day. The company is expanding internationally and has presence in 40 countries. Statoil is listed at Oslo Børs and New York Stock Exchange.

Statkraft is an european frontrunner in renewable energy. The company produces hydropower, windpower and district heating in addition to building gas power plants i Norway and Germany. Statkraft is a significant participant in the european energy market. In Norway they deliver electricity and heating to appoximately 600 000 customers via direct or indirect ownership in other companies. The World needs clean energy and Statkraft is attending this need every day.

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